The Best Hiking Routes In The United States Of America

by Emma
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Hiking is one of the greatest and the most enjoyable pleasures when you want to escape the fast-paced work life in the city. The United States of America encompasses several hiking spots to connect with the beautiful mother nature beside the fast-paced metropolitan cities where people work at a feverish pace to meet their goals. There are approximately around 50 national parks and over 5,000 parks which are in an outstanding location of American landscapes for hiking which makes it difficult for one to choose for hiking.

Are you craving an escape to nature, working up a sweat for a mesmerizing view, green surroundings, and fresh air?

Here are the top 4 best and excellent hiking trails in the USA for you to choose from!

 Mount Rogers, Virginia

It is a 4.5-mile hike to the top of the mountain, which follows the trail of Appalachian. Mount Rogers is Virginia’s highest peak of 5,730 feet at the border of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is located near North Carolina. The summit area of the mountain is covered with dense fir forest all around, and there are a vast open field and windy atmosphere. The best part of Mount Rogers is the graze through the meadows. It is preferable to spend a day hiking as it is not challenging for the trail to follow.

 South Kaibab Trail

The descent of the mountain offers a uniquely panoramic and mesmerizing view. South Kaibab is the only hiking trail in the park of the Grand Canyon. The hike to the top is a bit difficult, but it is worth every sweat for the view it offers. To hike at South Kaibab Trail, one should plan during the cool weather and avoid the summertime because there is no shade on the trail.

 West Maroon Creek Trail, Colorado

It is highly recommended to visit the West Maroon Creek in Colorado during July because that is when the wildflowers bloom, which is the highlight of the place. Maroon Lake featuring the duo peak of Maroon bells, is one of the most photogenic locations, and the hike to the lake is easy and full of the colorful surroundings. There are short variations too at the location if the day-long hike gets overwhelming.

 The tongue mountain trail, New York

This peaceful location is amidst the busy resort-centric town, which is a contrasting feature. The highlight of Tongue Mountain Loop is the beautiful Lake George. The 13-mile hike offers a picturesque view of the lake and adjoining islands around. It might be challenging to hike up and down three summits of 1,500 feet, but the plus point is the fantastic water stop at Montcalm Point.


Since we all have faced the despairing time in the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, it’s time we all should take a break and breathe the fresh air amidst the beautiful mother nature with a solid plan of hiking in the United States of America.

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