How Do Professionals Clean Bathrooms?

by Emma
bathroom cleaning services

There are certain portions and rooms of your house which you practically hate cleaning. The bathroom, bathtub, showers, toilets, and floor are parts of a bathroom that anyone would hate cleaning. Even the other buildup surfaces consume both human labour and time while cleaning. With the tips and tricks of bathroom cleaning services given below, one can easily clean a bathroom faster and efficiently. With the seven-step process explained in detail below, the bathroom cleaning process becomes a lot less tiresome. Professionals have suggested these steps of cleaning a bathroom for better results with years of bathroom cleaning services.

Remove All Materials From Their Daily Positions

One should remove all materials from their daily spots to achieve the best results to clean the entire bathroom at one go. Move all used rugs and towels out of the room. Remove all cosmetics from the bathtub and showers. Grab all the trash cans and throw them away. Remove all products, even from racks outside the bathroom.


Get rid of the dust first. Remove all cobwebs from the vents, corners of the room using long-handle sweepers. One can even use a step ladder to reach the cobwebs. After that, grab a vacuum cleaner or sweeper to sweep the floor and get rid of hair or any other materials that might be stuck on the floor. 

Application Of Cleaner

Apply regular cleaners on your shower and bathtub if you clean daily. One can even use the acid-base cleaner if you haven’t cleaned for a long time. Apply on the insides of the shower door and shower track too. Let the cleaner soak.

Other Surfaces

Wipe down any shelves, racks, windowsill, doors, baseboards, blind corners with a sponge or towel by applying your regular cleaner on it. Try to work in sections from right to left or from top to bottom. This will help you work faster.

Cleaning Solutions

Apply a good amount of cleaner to a bucket full of water and use it to wipe the floor. Use it to rinse the shower and bathtub as well. You can remove the other buildups by lightly wiping or scrubbing away. Finish the areas by applying cleaners to give a striking finish.

Vanity Area

Wipe the sink, countertops, facets with a cloth after applying regular cleaners on it. Use glass cleaners for the mirror and use a sponge to loosen any buildup on the sink. To remove dust from the cupboard using a damped cloth. 

Toilet Cleaning

If buildup exists, use a specific toilet cleaner and scrub it with a toilet brush before flushing. If you clean the toilet daily, then applying a regular cleaner would do. Wipe the outside of a bathroom with a clean cloth after spraying regular cleaner on it. Finally, mop the floor with cleaning solution water and let it dry. After drying, one can place fresh rugs on the floor.


Always keep a vacuum cleaner handy while cleaning the bathroom. Install a hair catcher if possible in the drains to avoid any buildup. Try to keep small items or cosmetics in bins to prevent things from getting misplaced. With all the above points, one is good to clean a bathroom efficiently.

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