Rise In The Popularity Of Modular Kitchens

by Emma
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As the World is evolving, so are the things in it. The US modular kitchen market is expected to reach $ 19.2 Billion by 2025. Due to people’s demand to live a luxurious lifestyle, the modular kitchen is improvising its features to look better.

Product Review

  • Defining Modular kitchen

The essential thing which comes to mind is a kitchen with numerous cabinets out of wood, metal, etc. This kitchen pattern makes proper use of kitchen space. This is of more demand because it can be dismantled very quickly if someone is planning to shift. The semi-modular kitchen cannot be dismantled easily; that’s why the modular kitchen will be in great demand in modern times.

  • Dynamics

Modular kitchen is becoming popular world-wide as it ensures proper utilization of space as per the user’s requirements. Various cabinets are provided, which helps in organizing the utensils properly. This creates less mess in the kitchen.

  • Popular Design

The L-shaped design has high demand in the market, which is estimated to show a growth rate. High-pressure segment materials are used as they have good durability and the ability to add a decorative look to the product. This includes more than 30% of the revenue. Nuclear families prefer that as they want more spacious floors and workspace.

  • Industry Insights

The rapid growth of construction of residential areas is contributing to the development of this industry. People buy small plots and do construction in a compact area. This brings up the concept of the modular kitchen as it requires minimal space, which high product efficiency which attracts customers to opt for it.

This kitchen provides good storage for kitchen commodities such as utensils, kitchen appliances, groceries, etc. The open kitchen is gaining popularity in recent years as consumers prefer two-toned cabinet doors and joint free countertops.

It has been seen that the majority of the married population prefers modular kitchens. The increasing number of nuclear families is also a reason for the growth of this industry. The manufacturers are introducing all-new eco-friendly variants such as recycled plastic granules and acrylic stones.

People now prefer online shopping more than offline as it saves time; we need not peep from store to store to find products that match the requirements. People can now choose their kitchen accessories, going through all the pros and cons of the product. About 25% of people across practice use this method, and it is estimated to increase in the coming years.

Many developed and developing countries such as the US, Europe, China, Thailand, and India are trying to drive this project forward as it’s a key to increase revenue.


Modular Kitchen is an excellent project and should be taken forward as it’s very helpful for people who have less space to build their house but want to have an organized and smart kitchen. Estimated by researchers from various organizations, this idea will get a very positive uplift in upcoming years and will have tremendous market growth.

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