Sports That Entertained Us Even During The Covid-19 Lockdown Period

by Emma
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The pandemic outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in the year 2020 altered people’s lives drastically and held back a lot of outdoor activities to occur from movies’ productions to significant sports events to going to gyms which is something no one has ever thought would experience in their lifetime.

Out of all the other forms of entertainment, the world of sports was shut down due to the maintenance of social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. It was a time of despair for the sports enthusiasts who love to play or watch even one sport, for instance, cricket or soccer or basketball.

Covid-19 and its impact on Sport

Life during the Covid-19 lockdown wasn’t as easy as it seemed; it was pretty tricky because people have to save themselves from the virus at the same time following the new rules and orders to prevent it. People started to get adapted to their couches, and binge-watching shows on streaming platforms, avoiding physical exercises and sports. It was a challenging start for them to begin the exercises like running and cycling, so here they came up with unique, innovative ideas.

Things around the world took place with precautions and measures to maintain social distancing; people brought out their creative birds and came up with innovative ideas to play sports during the period of Covid-19 lockdown.

The NBA and ESPN professionals came up with innovative plans of keeping the sports enthusiasts entertained by bringing an eight-player video game.

During the lockdown period, helped maintain with maintaining the social distance, people tried paddling, swimming, and treadmill working out sessions to keep them entertained.  Some of the countries were even on the edge of bringing back normalcy to the world by reopening the tennis club as it is one of the sports that doesn’t require a person to be close as in football or boxing, and it helped in maintaining social distance.

Other sports or solo exercises that were quite popular among the people were running, cycling, and walking, which also offered health benefits. But the mainstream sports like cricket, soccer, and basketball were still not allowed by the government of many countries to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Golf is one of the sports that kept the people entertained during the lockdown and also helped them in maintaining the protocol of social distancing.

Since the outdoor activities were halted in the lockdown period, there seems to have been a massive rise in the number of people playing chess, making it a ‘global sport of Covid-19’. People played online chess tournaments, and the first-timers passionately dedicated their time during the lockdown to understand the sports.

Final Thoughts

People had discovered their new sides by trying sports that they had never before during the lockdown, which is one of the positive aspects of it. Sports have entertained and maintained a balance between people’s health and pleasure in the despairing time of Covid-19 lockdown across the world.

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