The Concept Of Rekeying: Explained

by Emma
Rekeying -

When you shift to your new house or when there is some urgent situation where you need to change the lock of your houses like the fear of theft or vandalisation, you don’t have to change the entire lock and security system of your house, which might be expensive.  The cheapest and best option for the security of your house is to do rekeying of the lock.

Rekeying, the term itself is self-explanatory, but if to define rekeying, then it is a security system of changing a key of the lock to a different one without the replacement of the lock. In simple words, just an interchanging of the keys of the same lock. It is done by replacing the major part inside the lock, such as critical pins.

The Process Of Rekeying

  • To rekey a lock, the locksmith needs to have a matching set of current keys.
  • The key pins inside the lock are replaced with the new ones.
  • The lock is ready to secure your house.

The procedure of rekeying is extremely easy and could be done at a very low expense when compared to changing the entire lock and security system of your house, where you have to pay for the locksmith’s labour and parts of the lock.

Every lock has an in-built rekeying feature available, and it is pretty easy to set up on your own as well.


To do the rekeying of your house on your own, you need to have a set of critical kits which consist of different kinds of pins, springs, cylinder caps, plug follower, and it also comes with a manual and guides to follow. It is available both on online platforms as well as in-stores, and it is preferable to buy it from your local locksmiths. Tweezers and screwdrivers are the two most essential tools besides the key kits to do rekeying on your own.

The steps to follow

  • The removal of the doorknob.
  • Take out the cylindrical lock.
  • Put away the retainer ring.
  • Replacement of the pins.
  • Reconstruction of the lock

Right Time For Rekeying

  1. When you shift to a new place and want a better and upgraded security system.
  2.  When you have lost your keys.
  3.  When the old lock of a new place is rusty and provides no high-level security.
  4.  When you want to secure your house from people who might have duplicate keys.
  5.  When you want to have a matching set of keys for all the locks in your house.
  6.  When you want to change the design of the lock system of your house.


Rekeying over the replacement of the entire lock system of your house, because it is extraordinarily innovative and provides an upgraded version of security for houses which is done at a very flexible and also absolutely cost-effective price and offers work efficiency in the long run of security. It is essential in today’s world to avoid the fear of theft or someone breaking into your place.