The Easiest Way To Remove Stains From Every Kind Of Carpet

by Emma

Stains are a part of life. Coffee stains, wine spills, and muddy footprints are some examples we deal with in our daily life. After placing a carpet, we waste hours cleaning it or try figuring out how to get rid of stains. Even a home without pets or kids is prone to at least one spill. Vacuuming daily keeps our rug from looking grimy and dull, but tough stains are hard to remove even using the best vacuum.

Follow These Instructions To Get Stains Out Of Your Rug

Baking soda helps to freshen and revitalize your carpet. It is a cheap solution that does not impact the environment and even helps get rid of odours and stains with ease.

      1.Removal of non-greasy stains

  • Sprinkle a lavish dusting of baking soda over the stain, make sure that it completely covers the stain
  • Use some hot water, and mist the stain slightly.
  • Damp the area, allow the mixture to rest for a minimum of 3 hours, and keep it longer if possible. Keep a moist cloth on top of the stain, which helps in keeping the place damp.
  • After three to four hours when the mixture sits, remove the soda by vacuuming the area, and the stain should be gone. Repeat the process if you still notice some dirt on it.
  1. For removing grease stains 

  •  Take a cloth or paper towel and get down to the grease stain. Avoid rubbing the grease around as it can cause it to sit on the rug and damage the fibres.  
  • After that, sprinkle dry baking soda on the stain and keep it overnight.
  • Vacuum the area thoroughly in the morning. If this removes the stain, then you are all done. But, if it is still visible, use a little dishwashing soap and spot it into the dirt to help reduce the grease.
  • Once this gets done, dry the area by keeping it slightly moisturized.
  • Sprinkle another layer of baking soda, allow it to sit for three hours and then vacuum the area again.

Some Other Remedies Are:

  1. If the fabrication of the carpet is of synthetic material or natural fibres, add ¼ teaspoon of a liquid dishwashing detergent into one cup of slightly warm water and mix and apply it to your stain.
  2. Use white vinegar, salt, and lavender-scented essential oil to get rid of stains and odour.
  3. Beer, cornstarch, ice cubes, and shaving cream also helps in removing stains.
  4. Removing the pet blemish, add 2 cups of white distilled vinegar with 2 cups of lukewarm water, and add four tablespoons of baking soda. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray the area thoroughly.


Most of the procedures mentioned above are household remedies. Other cleaning solutions get specially prepared for removing rug stains. Before trying these home remedies directly, test it on a small quantity to check colour fading or additional damage. You can keep your rug clean and stain-free by using a few preventive measures and some home remedies. Call a cleaning professional to assist you if you can’t remove a stubborn stain.

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