The Impact Of Us Presidential Elections 2021 Results: An Overview

by Emma
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Donald Trump was named the 45th President of the United States in America from 2017 to 2021. During this tenure, America has gone through ups and downs. Trump’s policies were more focused on the economic development and business infrastructure of the US.

One of the issues that the Trump administration failed to tackle is the rising Covid 19 cases in the US. The covid 19 pandemics, which started in 2020, had terribly infected Americans and the US reported to have the most number of Covid cases in the world.

Presidential elections of the United States of America

During this pandemic, the US was scheduled for their presidential elections in November 2020. To be exact, on November 3rd, the elections were held, and Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate, came out as the winner of this election campaign. With a huge win, Joe Biden was confirmed as the 46th President of the United States of America.

Joe Biden defeated the incumbent president Donald Trump with more than 81 million votes. Biden garnered more than 7 million votes than Trump to win the epic battle for Presidentship.

How Did Donald Trump React to the defeat?

Donald Trump was livid due to his loss, and he went on to the extent of saying that the elections were rigged and he suspects foul play. To challenge his views, he filed legal cases in the states, which he lost. But his attempt was unsuccessful as the legal cases logged by Trump had no significant evidence, and this case was not reviewed any further.

After the defeat of the US elections and in the court of laws, Trump’s supporters stormed in the US capitol and caused heavy damages on January 6th, 2021.

This attack started after Trump using his Twitter account and posted provocative messages, which led to his supporters’ barbaric act. After things got under control, the House of Representatives formed a committee and investigated the matter further. On further investigation, Trump was found guilty of inciting violence and was impeached by The House.

Biden taking over the office

After Trump lost and was impeached by the House of representative, Biden took full charge of the President duties.

The first thing he addressed was his plans to counter the Covid 19 pandemic. Biden revealed that his government was planning to invest $25,000,0000 in the vaccine manufacturing sector and distribute the vaccine. Apart from this, he also plans to increase PPE kits’ production (personal protective equipment) to combat the pandemic. Apart from this, his government plans to take steps to ensure social distancing is maintained and people are wearing masks. These things were failed by the Trump government, which led to a deadly catastrophe in the US.

On a long term basis, Biden’s government plans to improve the United States’  manufacturing capabilities of manufacturing and lessen the dependency which the US has on other countries.

Biden’s government is also emphasising improving the US’s economy by eradicating the Trump Government’s tax cuts. Biden wants Americans to buy goods produced from US manufacturers, which will help boost the economy.


Here is the overview of the entire US presidential elections, and now the US can see of getting back its glory days. The initiatives taken by the Biden government looks promising, but only time can tell.