Various Types Of Sunglasses That Are Trending In The Market

by Emma

Sunglasses are one of the trendiest fashion accessories for over a few decades now, and the design, shape, and sizes keep evolving with the recent trends and fashion to upgrade the style of people. One doesn’t need to wear sunglasses only to prevent the UV Rays from inflicting upon the eyes but can also wear them regularly to enhance the look and personality. 

Summer is the season when the latest trends of sunglasses launch in the market and increment the sale at a rapid speed. There is a wide range of sunglasses varying in sizes and design and fits according to the shape of a person, such as round, oval, heart-shaped, or square-shaped. 

Here is the list of the trendiest sunglasses in the market that will be the highlight of summer 2021:


The era of the 90s was highly fashionable, and the trend of wearing petite and skinny sunglasses was a massive rage at that time, which again is now widespread in today’s time. It might not provide much protection from UV Rays, but it certainly levels up the fashion game of a person. The style of wearing slim, skinny, and tiny framed sunglasses have seen rapid growth over the last few years. Celebrities were also spotted wearing it and loved the enhancement it gives to the appearance. 


It is pretty trendy in recent times as it gives a quirky and cool look to the person wearing it, but it certainly is not suitable for any occasion except for a day at the beach. Colourful sunglasses or tinted lenses don’t generally help prevent UV Rays; since it is a fashion trend, people can’t help but get one for themselves. 


This was a fashion trend in the 70s, which is back again in today’s fashion world. The retro and vintage look has been popular. It has quickly become all the fashionista’s favourite in no time because of its square/rectangular frames, which are incredibly cool and prevent exposure to the UV Rays as it is more extensive.  


The oversized or regular cat-eye sunglasses have been a massive rage since last year, and women just can’t get enough of the sassy and classy fashionista look that the sunglasses provide. It is very retro and vintage, which makes it more attractive. 


It is perfect for faces that have angular lines. Round sunglasses are very fashionable and could enhance the look in any outfit, which makes them versatile and trendy for a reason. The oversized round glasses have also been around in the fashion world to add beauty to the style. 


There are a wide range of sunglasses to choose from and above mentioned are just those that are extremely popular among the fashionistas and celebrities. It’s time to experiment with a new and trendy look with a pair of fashionable sunglasses this summer of 2021.

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